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Specials & Gift Certificates Kirkland

You always want to give that perfect gift.....So...give the gift of

T I M E.

Everyone would love some help at home or a personal assistant.

Give them something special...Give them....

Gimmie A List

Gift Certificates Kirkland

Gimmie A List offers the gift of time. It always so nice to give this to someone that needs help in Kirkland. This is the perfect gift for any occasion. For a Birthday in Kirkland for the Really busy Mommy homemaker . Or who is working at the same time as raising a family in Kirkland. Has no time for herself. Give her a gift of time so she can do what she really wants with her time in Kirkland.

It’s a great Kirkland GIFT for that guy that has no time for himself too. He wants to go golfing in Kirkland or spend time with his friends or his family. Give him the gift of Kirkland time. Let us run his errands ,or plan his surprises for his significant other. Or he might have a party in Kirkland he needs planning. If he is from Kirkland let him have a bit of fun. We will do the planning and all the work.

This idea has been purchased for so many reasons. I can name a few. I have had many Kirkland people email me and want me to send a certificates for a certain amount of time to someone tin Kirkland hat has just had a baby. Or there’s some that are suffering from chronic illnesses that can’t get everything done. They need to concentrate on getting well. Also people in Kirkland that have just gotten out of surgery. They need down time. I also get Kirkland people who buy for their children to help them out when they are working so hard and there Kirkland home is falling apart. Of course there is also the Kirkland Student that is doing so well in college the family wants them to stay focused so they hire us with a Kirkland certificate of time to give them. We will do there laundry, cooking, clean and run there Kirkland errands. Etc. Oh and don’t forget for your parents in Kirkland. What a great Gift for them. Their getting older and need a hand too sometimes.

So if you want to give something special to someone in Kirkland give them us. GIVE THEM Gimmie A List Kirkland, We are the Kirkland gift of time.