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My services offer you FREEDOM from just about any task that is keeping you from what you'd really rather be doing.

So "Gimmie A List" and go have fun!

Some Possible List Items:

House Cleaning • Home Organization •

Laundry • Shopping • Cooking •

Deliveries / Errands

Event Planning •

Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning •

Shopping for Gifts • MORE! •

Basically, as long as it's legal, I'll make sure it gets done!

Personal Assistance in Kirkland-- Could mean anything from running your errands. dry-cleaning, grocery shopping, banking, taking the dog to the vet/dog groomer, picking up your prescription, to getting your car serviced and washed. Running to the post office to get off that important package, to arranging your perfect vacation plans. Get some of your filing done. Clean up your office, Etc. Etc. You name it Gimmie a List
House keeper / organizer in Kirkland-- Well, not the usual house keeper. BETTER, ever feel like you need a mom OR guys a wife ? Well don't worry I can pick up too. If you have no sense of organization well Let Me Figure It Out. I will take care of you : )
Personal Party Planner in Kirkland -- Need help picking up the party favors, decorating, and picking up the food, well don't fret. I have the time, RE.....LAX ! Or don't have time for that Nice party you want to put together for that special someone. Just - let - me - put - it - all - together. You just give the approval.
Personal Organizer in Kirkland -- Well... Now we have the house cleaned, you want to work on the pantry, or kitchen shelves. THEY'RE DRIVING YOU CRAZY ! or that un- ruly closet, or death trap maze in the Garage, well we can get it handled. You will be so amazed at the transformations. Let's get started
Laundress / cook in Kirkland -- So are you a little behind on laundry? Or do you need some pre-cooked meals up for the week ? I can do that, lets talk grocery shopping, laundry detergent and menu. Where's the Apron ?

Personal Shopper in Kirkland -- Busy at work running your company ? To much to do at home, not enough time to get out and pick up what you need for yourself or for that special someone. A Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Wedding, Baby Shower, etc etc. Might know what you want, might not.... Let me handle it.
Give me a description of your needs and wants.

Move In / Move Outs in Kirkland -- This is a service to help you with your packing, and every moving need. Which might be running around to getting boxes, packing materials, tape etc. Making your moving experience less stressful. Re-lax I'm here. Oh by the way...let me clean up your move out mess.

NO WORRIES............

Personal Assistant Services Kirkland

Our Services are Unique in the way that we are more than just a personal assistant in Kirkland. Not only will we help you with maybe a office clean up or some filing. Maybe helping you arrange your vacation plans in Kirkland. We will move from your office to the rest of the house to outside running around taking care of your lists of things to get done. like the car wash,in Kirkland. Getting your dog to the groomers in Kirkland, or to the vet in Kirkland. Running to the post office in Kirkland to deliver that package. Picking up the prescriptions in Kirkland and all the grocery shopping or banking in Kirkland. You name it Gimmie A List. Let us help you out with all our tasks in Kirkland. Go do what you would rather be doing.

Having so many customers in Kirkland when we move to the rest of your house we can start with a very nice detail cleaning that will give you the WOW feel. We are not the usual housekeepers.that you find in Kirkland We are BETTER . Why ? because we will do all your pick up. Not like other house keepers in Kirkland. Need the dishes done ? or the clothes washed ? and the toys and clothes off the floor ? Done.. we will handle it. Need all the sheets changed . Done we do that too. What’s nice about Gimmie A List service in Kirkland is that we will organize as we go along. If your drawers are a mess we straighten as we wash and put away the laundry.

If your garage is like a maze we can help you clean up and organize label and purge that too. We have organized a lot of garages in Kirkland. As the weeks go by, the Organization in your home in Kirkland becomes BETTER and BETTER.

Personal Assistant Kirkland, Gimmie A List offers another very valuable service. Whether you are a CEO or just a busy professional in Kirkland, Mom, Dad or both . You find that you don’t eat right, Let us take care of you with Great meals in Kirkland. Lets talk menu. Sine living in Kirkland we like to make great fish dishes. We can cook for you so you have healthy good Food to eat in your fridge and your freezer. We could come and cook for a day and get you a stock going so you stay healthy in Kirkland. We can do the grocery shopping near by in Kirkland and help you with your menu too.

Gimmie A List also can help you out with any kind of party that you are planning in Kirkland for from doing your tedious shopping in Kirkland for it to helping you with the food and the whole preparation for your event in Kirkland. Decoration with all the trimmings. We can help with all kinds of Kirkland events from your Birthday parties and Christmas shopping in Kirkland and decorating to your special anniversary that your planning a surprise for in Kirkland. Let us shop for you too. We will be glad to run and pick it up everything you need in Kirkland.

Another thing that we can offer you is if you need to move from Kirkland to another city. We can help you with the whole planning of that from Sont to another city. We can assist you in the purchase of all packing materials in Kirkland. To packing it all up. Then when were done with that we can check off the last thing on the list and have the our cleaners do the Move out cleaning for you in Kirkland.

Just think how nice it would be to one stop shop with Gimmie A List in Kirkland You will have it all from HOUSE CLEANING in Kirkland, LAUNDRESS in Kirkland, ORGANIZER in Kirkland, COOK in Kirkland, SHOPPER in Kirkland, ERRANDS in Kirkland, AND OFFICE GIRL in Kirkland ETC ETC…. AND MORE, … Gimmie A List